Environmental Policy

UZNPACK as adopted the principles of Sustainable Development in all its fields of activity in order to leave a livable world to
future generations. In line with the principle of respecting people, the environment and society, which is among our founding values;

Effectively implementing an Environmental Management System that defines responsibilities, goals and objectives and monitoring of environmental performance, focusing on preventive approach and risk-based thinking. Continuous improvement by using innovative and creative approaches.
It is our primary responsibility to increase
the environmental awareness of our employees and stakeholders to continue our activities in compliance with the relevant national and international legislation and standards and the expectations of our relevant parties.

In this context, UZNPACK; protect global resources; to ensure efficient use of energy and materials, preventing pollution and minimizing waste. It aims to reduce the negative environmental effects of our activities and products in all processes from design to the end of their life cycle. These principles are in all our processess will be our guide in our relations with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.